Teak Plantation Chaise Gets New Cane Seating

Before photo- A solid teak plantation chaise with broken cane seating. The project included the removal of (all) cane work, refinishing with a darker colour and finally reweaving with a 6 step hand weave. I received the chaise with the cane weaving removed and the refinishing complete.




This cane chaise has 200 drilled holes in the frame which will be used to duplicate the prior traditional hexagon style weave. 2 hanks of cane totaling 1000' will be necessary. In this photo 3 of 6 weaves are complete. Weaving the 4th as a diagonal is one of the secrets to keeping the curves. 



Cane weave complete.






6 weaves are required to make the pattern and in this instance a 7th weave is added (termed a 'binder') to cover the drilled cane holes in the frame. This photo shows the top right corner of the chaise.

Back of chaise. Well executed cane work accentuates the curves of the frame. The double curve (or roll) makes the work that much more difficult and time consuming.









 Completed project. Hats off to the design team, refinisher and client. It's a real joy to be part of projects like these

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