Repair Services

We`ve been serving Toronto for 3 generations with traditional techniques, materials and finishes. So whether it`s your long-loved family heirloom or a modern piece that needs restoration, we can help!

We can replace, repair and restore any furniture that requires:

  • Hand cane 
  • Machine cane web
  • Natural rush
  • Fibre rush
  • Seagrass
  • Splint- ash, hickory, Reed
  • Danish cord -twisted and untwisted
  • Wicker work
  • Rattan work
  • Reed work
  • Shaker tape - 8 colors
  • Rawhide


Related repairs and regluing are also available.

Use the handy contact form to the right or give me a quick call by phone and let`s chat about your project needs today.



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